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LE Athletic Boosters

Pumpkin Show Booth

Each year, LEAB operates a food booth at The Circleville Pumpkin Show. The food booth is a major fundraiser for LEAB and helps to support LE teams. The LEAB rely on teams to staff and run the Pumpkin Show booth for the shift assigned to them. It is expected that each parent/or player sign up to work a shift. Additionally, teams are expected to assist with the setup and tear down of the booth. Working the Pumpkin Show booth is a fun way to meet other players and/or parents from your team. Teams will share in the proceeds of the booth.

Team Schedule for Pumpkin Show Booth

Team Schedule for Pumpkin Show Booth Setup / Tear Down


Volunteers Needed:

·         Team will need 8 – 10 workers for each shift


Assigned Roles for Booth:

·         1-2 Adults to grill/cook food

·         1-2 Sandwich Builders

·         1-2 Coffee/Hot Chocolate pourers

·         2-3 Money and Order takers


Pumpkin Show Parking Cars

During the week of Pumpkin Show, teams can work shifts to park cars at the Cargill Parking lot. This fundraising opportunity allows teams to raise additional financial support for their team.

Team Schedule for Pumpkin Show Parking Cars

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